Yoshi's Island remake on DS

Yoshi’s Island remake on DS

During my Master 1 ISICG at the university of Limoges, I developped an Nintendo DS game with the PALib library. The goal was to make a game playable on the DS Linker.With that I learned about real constraint ( mostly because the memory ) that didn’t cause any problems to me before ( because it’s hard to fill all the RAM on a computer, with small projects that is ).

Below you’ll be able to find a trailer and download links:

Link to the binaries (.NDS) here

Emulator No$GBA 

More Details :
-Goomba: a classic foe in Mario game. Its behaviour is just to progress from right to left.
-Pikachu: from the Pokémon series,it throws sparkles in a sequential way.
Earthworm Jim: from the game bearing the same name. It’s the most complicated enemy. Based on what we can call a state machine, he evolves through a certain number of states. By hitting him with an egg, he’ll do down to a level where you can whack him on the head with the famous rodeo attack. In 3 hits he’s dead.